September – Make Your Own month at Olannmor


September – Make Your Own month at Olannmor

Make Your Own month at Olannmor
The evenings are getting longer, we are all spending more time indoors. For many of us, this is the perfect opportunity to sit down and create, because, what else would you do when you can’t play outside? 
September is “Make Your Own” month at Olannmor.

Each week, we are introducing a new kit, or we have another deal, and we give our subscribers and visitors the chance to purchase this new kit with a nice discount for the first week following its introduction, an ideal way to start purchasing some Christmas presents for creative people. 

Which product we are releasing, is always a surprise. 

Super chunky wool colours by Olannmor

In 2021, we introduced so many! The Knitted wreath kit, a Baby blanket kit, a winter hat kit and a fairy-tale hat kit, a felted soap kit and a pompom wreath kit. So, what are this year’s new products? 

Natural merino roving wool at Olannmor
That’s a surprise, but just to give you a few hints... 
Think knit kits, with super chunky, super soft wool, needles and a pattern... the stuff that keeps you warm!
Think a beautiful product you can make with natural merino roving yarn....
We will say no more, you’d better keep an eye on our selection of Knit Kits here!