About Olannmor


About Olannmor

Welcome to Olannmor!

Olannmor is all about knitting and weaving with chunky, natural materials.

Team Olannmor Anouk O'Connell

In 2017 I, Anouk O'Connell, teamed up with my good friend Frederique to introduce beautiful chunky knit Merino roving products to the Irish market. Since then Olannmor has also entered the world of weaving and has added many different materials to add to the fun.

In February 2023 Frederique ventured into less woolly pastures and I'm enjoying growing our 'baby' even further. 

Living in the Wicklow Mountains makes scenery my biggest inspiration. One of my main priorities is to only craft with natural materials so that I can look after our planet whilst creating beautiful products.

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