About us


About us

Welcome to Olannmor!

Olannmor is all about chunky, natural wool.

Team Olannmor Anouk and Frederique ready for winter 2022

We, Frederique van Buuren & Anouk O’Connell, have teamed up to introduce beautiful chunky merino roving products to the Irish market.

Living in the Wicklow Mountains makes scenery our biggest inspiration. One of our main priorities is to only craft with natural materials so that we can look after our planet whilst creating our beautiful products

About the creators

Growing up, I was surrounded by fabrics as my mum was a seamstress who made and designed the most beautiful clothes. It's no surprise that I've always had that urge to make things, preferably with natural fabrics and wool. Why chunky? Because it's so luscious!

Living in the Wicklow Mountains makes scenery my main inspiration. Looking after our planet by crafting only with natural materials is therefore high on my list of priorities. I’m new to knitting, but this merino wool is the best start I could have!

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