About our products


About our products

What we create
We make a variety of chunky-knitted blankets, wreaths, hot water bottles, baskets and scarves. We also have lots of knitting and weaving kits. All these products are sold under the name “Olannmor” – Irish for “big wool”.

Where we see our products
Our trendy decorative products can be used anywhere in your house; on the sofa, that comfy chair or on your bed.  And because of the incredible softness they are even suitable for babies.

We run a selection of workshops, where we instruct our participants to create a beautiful blanket, hot water bottle cover, wreath or woven wall hanging themselves. We like to share our love for this beautiful chunky wool and teach others how to work with it and to give them the extra enjoyment of having a beautiful handmade product in their homes for years to come.

The wool we use
Your decorative Olannmor product is made from high quality pure un-spun merino wool which still has all its natural qualities like being water, stain, and smell resistant, breathable and temperature regulating. And it’s hypoallergenic!

We love working with this wool, as it is so incredibly soft, lush and just makes you happy!

We take great care in selecting the wool, making sure we only source our wool from countries where it is produced in an animal-friendly manner and that it is dyed in a responsible way.

Wool care Merino roving wool
The un-spun merino wool will start pilling in case of heavy use. Should pilling occur, just carefully pull the little balls off the product or use scissors to cut them off.

When you have just received your product, you may notice the product is shedding its loose hairs. Don’t worry about this, the shedding will reduce over time. Take your product outside, give it a good shake or even hang it outside on a misty morning.

Small spills can be cleaned by dabbing with cold water. Make sure not to rub the wool and lie flat to dry.

We strongly recommend not washing your product. Just airing it will freshen it up again. And if necessary, dry clean professionally.

Wool care super chunky merino yarn
The care instructions for our super chunky merino yarn which we use for our knitting kits, is very straightforward:
- Hand wash only
- Please don't iron the wool
- Block your work after knitting