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Weaving tools

Handy tools for all your weaving projects.

We have the following tools available:
- Weaving comb
- Cotton warp thread
- Felting needle
- Tapestry needle

The Olannmor weaving comb will help you comb down your yarns and create the perfect looking weave.

Our recycled cotton warp thread is made of 80% recycled cotton and 20% other recycled fibres and comes in three colours; black, charcoal and sand.
Each ball weighs 50 grams, or choose two balls for a reduced price.

Felting needles are handy when you use roving wool as they help hide the ends. You can also use these 32 gauge triangular needles for needle felting.
Choose from a single needle or a pack of five.

Our tapestry needles have a big eye, so you can use them for thicker yarns as well. And the blunt tip make weaving easier.
Choose from a single needle or a pack of three.