Olannmor's new weaving collection


Olannmor's new weaving collection

Weaving is back as a popular hobby.
Home interior magazines and home décor shops are including more and more wall hangings in their imagery and the reason is: we all love the colour and texture of a beautiful piece of fibre art. 

We have exactly what you need to make a beautiful wall hanging yourself. Yarn bundles, looms, weaving accessories and much more. 

Yarn bundle for weaving in Cherry Blossom
Rainbow weave Large round loom
Wall hanging Olannmor weaving kit Ocean 
A small round weave for above your desk, or a beautiful large piece for in your living room, these are just a few ideas. 
In addition to our Olannmor loom, which is great for first time weavers, we have added a large extendable loom to our collection. It has a weaving area of 61x44cm so you can make a large work of fibre art on this one.

Olannmor looms in all different sizes
Large extendable loom with example wall hanging in meadow green
To help you create your wall hanging, we have included an instruction booklet in all our kits.
It includes the basics for warping your loom, weaving techniques and a method for finishing your work. 

Are you ready to start weaving? 
Any questions, do get in touch, you can contact us here
You can also sign up to our next Weaving workshop if you'd like to learn how to weave.
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