Merino wool care


Merino wool care

How can you keep your chunky knits looking as new?

We are very proud of the collection that we have developed over the last three years. And we would like you to enjoy our products for a very long time!

We think it is important that you know how you can look after your chunky knits, whether it is from our home design collection, like our blankets or cushions, or from our collection of fashion accessories; scarves, hats or wraps. That is why you will find our care instructions included when you buy any of our chunky merino knits, or when you are gifted one.

Pure merino wool

We decided to use 100% pure merino wool for its beautiful shine, softness and luxurious feel.

Of course, there are alternatives that are a lot cheaper, like acrylic merino wool. They do however not have the same quality, softness and feel and may look lovely at first, but they will disappoint very quickly and are certainly not temperature regulating or hypo allergenic.

We believe in natural products and have decided to avoid using man-made fibres in our designs.

Care instructions for Olannmor chunky merino knits

Everything that is made from pure wool, will at some stage start to show some wear; like shedding some fluff, some pilling may occur or the wool will start to felt.
Our products are no exception. As the wool is un-spun, it will look need some TLC every now and then to keep your product in beautiful shape.

Check out this video where you can see how to do this– and how easily it’s done!

Some additional tips:

Never wash your product. Just airing it, will freshen it up again. You can even hang it outside on a damp, misty morning and that will really do the trick.

Small spills can be cleaned by dabbing with cold water. Make sure not to rub the wool, as friction causes pilling. Lie your product flat to dry.

To wash or not to wash?

No, don’t wash your chunky knit. It is possible, but the wool will felt very quickly.

We recommend getting it dry-cleaned professionally. Always check with your drycleaner if they are familiar with the type of wool and how they should deal with it.