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Forest Bathing & Branch Weaving

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Imagine this: it's Sunday, you have the day off and you're all prepped for a refreshing walk in a beautiful Wicklow forest, experiencing nature like you haven't done before. You're going to take part in a forest
bathing session! Then, after immersing yourself in nature, you're getting creative with some gorgeous branches you have found in the forest and some colourful yarn to create a forest branch weave to bring home, so you'll have your own piece of forest art to remember your amazing day under the trees.
Well, how does that sound?

Join Forest Bathing Wicklow and Olannmor for our very first Forest Bathing and Branch weaving session in Wicklow on Sunday 6 November.

Cat from Forest Bathing Wicklow will take you on a mindful walk in the forest. She will help you to open your senses with a guided meditation and give you a couple of invitations (nature-based exercises) that will help you to slow down, connect with nature and relax.
Anouk from Olannmor will guide you during the branch weaving workshop. She will teach you how to warp your branch weaving “frame”, which materials are great to use and the necessary weaving

And of course, there will be some refreshments, all from nature itself!
This event starts at 10 AM and we'll finish around 12.30PM.
Location: just outside Laragh

To book this workshop go HERE.